Managment team

Mr. Munazir Khan
holds a an M.B.A in Human Resources Management. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of Asia International  since its incorporation. He is a visionary leader with a career span of more than 1 decades in the HR and Recruitment industry. With his irrefutable experience and abilities, he has earned the reputation of an inspiring personality in the domain of Human Resource Management.

Syed.Sahjan Ali
chief executive officer

Syed Sahjan Ali  is a highly motivated and dedicated individual with an impressive academic profile. After completing his lower and higher secondary education and excelling in various subjects, he continued his educational journey,Alongside his academic achievements, Sahjan possesses commendable qualities such as a proactive learning attitude, team leading qualities, meticulous attention to detail and strong communication skills. With his diverse skill set and commitment to continuous growth, Sahjan decided to join the empire that his elder brother Mr. Monazir khan had raised in the Overseas HR industry . He is constantly motivated to achieve great success in his future endeavors. 

Mohammad Imran
chief operating officer 

Mohammad Imran  is a highly skilled professional with a strong academic background in Accounting & Finance with Masters in Commerce, from University of NSU and MBA in Business Design from NSU, Jamshedpur has worked on diverse projects, including the Global Citizen Leadership Project.